CIPC Registration

We offer different types of CIPC registration South Africa packages to accommodate the needs of different customers. You can hire us even for last-minute or emergency needs. We get the job done with great responsibility and you can expect excellent customer service with us.

Our team of competent and reliable professionals clarifies all your doubts in a friendly and polite way. Your CIPC registration details are generated fast with utmost accountability. Being a certified, experienced, and trusted company, we offer cost-effective services that guarantee optimal customer satisfaction.

Secretarial services

  1. Company Registration - click for more
  2. Maintenance of company and secretarial records
    • Change of company name
    • Change of directors
    • Change of company address
    • Change of auditors
    • BB-BEE certification
    • Annual returns (AR) and letter of good standing

New Basic Company Registration Package includes

  1. Reserved company name
  2. Company registration certificate (COR14.3)
  3. Income tax registration certification
  4. CIPC filing fees
  5. Basic Memorandum of Incorporation
  6. Share certificates for all shareholders

How it works

Firstly, you must complete our online application form

After submission of the online application form you will then receive an email with the list of required documents and invoice for payment.

The registration process turnaround period is approximately 7 working days, depending on the package you choose.